Why Lose That ‘One’ Person?

I went for a wedding last weekend; I was on the road on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Then, I started doing some thinking and here’s what I eventually came up with;

I am sure that we are all familiar with the saying: “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush” If you aren’t, then it simply means that you should value and handle that which you have with care instead of coveting that which you don’t and aren’t too sure of. The Bible even states among its commandments   ”Do not covet another’s wife or husband”

lao tzuIf you can’t listen to me, then listen to Lao 

Human beings are most of the time fickle in their wants, insatiable as my High School Economics teacher would put it and I’m sure there are a large percentage of us out there who have self destructive tendencies. Otherwise, why would a girl or a guy who has a wonderful partner that worships him/her still want to date or be with someone else? It’s crazy, people! I still don’t understand it. 95 percent of the world (myself included) is guilty of this… Out of the blue, that person isn’t so wonderful anymore, you take the person’s goodness and kindness for granted and you start looking for faults where in fact, none exist.

For instance, very recently, I asked a lady why her boyfriend of seven (yes, SEVEN!!!) years wasn’t her choice for marriage anymore and Voila!! she said; she didn’t just know and when I pressed further, she brought up silly and tenuous issues. I was annoyed and had to tell her to her face that ‘she was full of sh*t!’ What Nonsense!!!

Similarly, a few months back, I asked my friend to hook me up with someone that I could ‘play’ with preferably a free-thinker like myself, seeing that I was sure I had my ‘real deal’ already. I just wanted someone to play around with before eventually settling down. Then, like a lightning bolt on a sunny day, it hit me; I was just like everyone that I had been preaching against. Now, I finally had a wonderful partner, I decided to look outside. What the hell for?! I had absolutely no idea.

Was it to show to myself that I could still get as much fun as I previously did? Or was it to prove to myself that a girl could still get attracted to me effortlessly? Was I just being plain silly? Or was I simply seeking for attention? (the attention that I already more than enough of!) So what exactly was it that I was looking for outside?

And then once more, it hit me: NADA! … NICHTS! … NOTHING!
Like the Japanese Kamikaze, I was being self destructive. I had simply forgotten that my bird in hand was and still is much better than the tens of thousands that roam the sky (My edition). We humans are just never content with what we have and that is just so sad. We have this ludicrous need for change, for brinkmanship, for secret thrills and when we get that change we so desperately seek, we still can’t handle it. Owing to the fact that we believe the grass is greener on the other side; we keep searching for other ‘other sides’.

Celebrities At The Lakers GameThe cow isn’t always fatter on the other side . . . hmmm, that doesn’t sound too correct

People, please, lend me your ears . . .

You have got to be satisfied with that one person you already have more especially when that person doesn’t give you any reason to look outside. It’s so often said that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t … and I believe this wholly. Think of the many people who wish they were in your shoes and who still want that person that you are beginning to take for granted… Think of how you bragged about making him/her your boy/girlfriend before your friends (If you’re the type) . . . Think about all the times you disturbed God for this person (again, if you’re the type) and then think about all the pressure you put on that same person. . . Now, you’ve got him/her and you’re about mess it all up?!  . . . Think again . . . when that need to self destruct comes up, my friends . . . think again. . .

I’ve said my piece.

That’s it from me, take care my darlings!

By Pascal Oluchukwu Okoye . . . a good friend

Follow him on Twitter @lucarelli4


8 thoughts on “Why Lose That ‘One’ Person?

  1. The story is very touching.you really poured out your heart.maybe it shud all start with you then your friends and people around you will learn that one ought to be satisfied with that one person owing 2 the fact that a bird at hand is much better than the tens of thousands that roam the sky.lolz.

  2. Nice Piece Oly…

  3. Dis is by far d best conversation we’v eva had cos it felt so real dat I might as well hav been sitting out wit u. Love is sacred n shud b treated as such.

  4. Its a lovely piece indeed. I honestly needed it. Like it was written for me. Thanks a bunch

  5. Bia oly i hope say no be me u dey refer to? Ur fagbor!!

  6. Nice but wat do u tink of dat person dat havnt seen dat¤oONE¤person???????????????

  7. Thanks Pals…Really Appreciate

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