Make the Effort, Girls

Being in a relationship is supposed to be bliss (else, why the heck would you be in it in the first place?). When there’s mutual love and respect between the two parties involved, then that’s akin to being in heaven on earth. We all wish for the perfect relationship where everything is exactly as we want it. However, unless you’re in a relationship with a programmable robot, we soon find out that there are certain habits your partner exhibits that annoy the crap out of you. I will now outline some of the things that girls do that most guys find irritating;

Nerve-wracking Silence

It can really be a heck of a task to always try to decipher why a girl is silent at a particular time. Why wouldn’t the girl just come out plain and say this is what is happening to me, this is what I feel about that, this is what you did wrong? That way, it would save guys the stress of having to think really hard about the happenings that culminated in the girl’s blasted silence.

mcx-couple-fight-0310-s2Just tell him what he did wrong already!

Saying “whatever” when he’s trying to drive his point home

“Whatever” now ranks highest on the list of words guys hate the most and I would love to have a huge fine levied on anyone who ever utters the word. It is simply frustrating when a guy is trying to voice his opinion, lay a complaint, or express a feeling to his partner and the next thing he hears from her is  “whatever” followed by a walk out. It makes him want to pull his hair out. A variation of this word and an arguably more annoying one is “Talk to the hand”.

black_couple_arguingYep, we really detest this

Self Deceit

Everywhere you turn, you find ladies ranting on about how the attribute they desire the most in men is his sense of humor. In contrast, this is nothing but humongous fallacy! We already know that the attributes you ladies really look out for in men are good height, wealth, and handsomeness so stop with the self deceit already.

Watching a football game with us and constantly talking about how handsome the players are

Most guys are really passionate about football games, so ladies, whenever you decide to come around and watch the game with them, it’s really cool. Nonetheless,  it ceases to be funny when you keep making comments about how dashing C. Ronaldo looks or how handsome Kaka  is or how sexy Fabregas appears. No guy likes it! When you decide to watch the game with your beau, make comments like, “oooh, dats a wonderful dribble”, “wow, what a beautiful cross”… he’ll hug you passionately after the game.

David+Beckham+David+Beckham+Pitch+BkE_jFmNAKSxWe don’t need you to tell us how handsome he looks!!

Mistaking movie time for gist time

Most ladies make the mistake of thinking movie time is the ideal time to discuss issues of the heart. Newsflash: IT’S NOT! When a guy sits in front of a screen to watch a movie, he does that because he actually wants to watch that movie. Sitting quietly with him is a bonus that a guy appreciates, but when you decide to start yapping about the events of the previous day at the salon, then I have one word for you, SORRY! No guy would listen to your ramblings when the Incredible Hulk is slugging it out with Thor on the screen directly in front of him.

 Standing in front of the TV screen

Ladies generally go for this technique after discovering their beau has his full attention on the TV screen in front of him. Now this action would get you his attention (especially if you have a shape like Nicki Minaj’s) but is this really the best way to get his full attention? Wouldn’t it be better to just wait till after that important football match?

GLW-GWS229012 - © - Glowimages RFThis isn’t always the best course of action

Every human has at least a flaw, and learning to accept, tolerate, and discuss (sometimes even subtly joke about) these flaws is a key factor that determine just how far and how healthy a relationship would be.

By Chike ‘Loposki’ Ayogu . . . A facilitator of world peace

He’s on BBM, here’s his PIN : 29321860


14 thoughts on “Make the Effort, Girls

  1. 1stly-SILENCE-A girl cannot wake up one mornin and decides to b silent,definitly,d guy must have döne something wrong or something she didnt it nt lèft 4 d guy 2 decipher where he has gone wröng?must the gal say it all?wat if the gal say sth and still d guy finds it hard 2 say im sowi?
    2ndly,-WHATEVER-A girl can say wateva if she is nt happy with you.
    3rdly,SELF DECEIT-Its not a deceit thing but stating d fact.there are other interesting attributes apart the önes you stated.
    4thly,HANDSONE PLAYER.i agree with you on this.
    5thly,MISTAKEN MUVIE TYM 4 GIST TYM.i agree with you.
    6thly-STANDING INFRONT OF dis case,d gal might have bin seeking d guys attention but because of d match,she was ignored so she had 2 put up dat attitude but its somehow bad.

    • How would you feel if your guy keeps silent on you for two hours? You ladies need to learn to speak up. All the “what ifs” you mentioned are just “what ifs”. What if the guy appologises and the whole thing dies down in minutes? My girl is always vocal, and for this we have never had any issue that lasted more than a few minutes, unless in a situation we couldn’t talk.

      Whatever!!! That’s the most annoying thing on earth. Why not just wait and hear the guy out first? Saying whatever to the guy will not solve any issue, it will only annoy the guy, and you’ll end up with two annoyed people instead of one. It’ll only prolong whatever issue you’re having. Personally, I interpret the word as “Stop blabing”.

  2. So typical of u chike. I’m nt suprised dis is u. Nice one though. All facts

  3. Lolz, thanks for the feedback…
    Sandra, I’m just saying it’ld make things easier for both parties if she opens up, instead of giving him the silence treatment
    Chioma, lolz..thanks

    • Loposky! As in chike ayogu? Is this rily ur piece? Nyc one, bt tell me more abt this site, cos i will love to drop some of my own blogs….

  4. chike lovely piece…me iDnt hesitate to tell my swt@ o….spit ur mind or just forget abt it….life sud be simple if not why do we hav advanced calculus again?…..if girls want a mind reader go date a psychic or a sootsayer or adahunse!…

  5. Thank you, Kronik! My point exactly!!
    Carrick, we’ld gist more on that…

  6. Lol…hi dick…
    guess u knw d only babe dat hails u lik dis;)
    So u now a r/ship expert 🙂
    Nice one
    Somee 🙂

  7. Loolz… Pretty Miss Telemi… Loooolz

  8. Good Gawd you’re dating the wrong girls!!!!!

  9. I’m so loving dis. Nice piece .Buh d guys nid to act right too.

  10. I’m so loving dis. Nice piece. U knw wot? D ‘woreva and talk to d hand’ aspect is so makn me laff. Eiyahh! So srry it irritates guys. Buh seriously, d guys nid to act right too. Anywayz, twaz rlly a nice piece, lesson learnt.

  11. I think really, that it’s about understanding each other. For example, my man knows that when I’m silent, I’m really angry about something. I have an awful temper, but I hate shouting matches. So if he leaves me be for a while, I’ll be calm, an I’ll speak. We’ll discuss like 2 mature adults. Can’t say this applies to other ladies though. As for the rest, they stink of immaturity. But hey, it’s the understanding that truly counts.

  12. Thanks Onyi… *smiles*!
    Lori, its not my experience only, its the collection of complaints from randomly selected guys..
    Well, Jamelia, I respect ur opinion. I guess its different strokes for different folks… Ultimately, understanding is key in keeping a healthy relationship.

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