Judas-es! Everywhere!!

In ancient history, a certain man’s actions against his master caused this man’s name to forever remain synonymous with sabotage and betrayal. This man was called Judas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. It has become cliché to hear the phrase; ‘among every twelve, there is a Judas’. Little wonder then that we, Nigeria-Africa’s most populous nation, have an incredulous number of moles residing within our borders. From basic arithmetic, we can calculate that if there is a Judas in every twelve Nigerians, then there are at the very least 14 million ‘Judases’ among our 160 million Nigerians. Recent developments within and off the shores of this humongous country have given uncanny support to this claim. Not so long ago, we were inundated with the bizarre pronouncements by the president that he had moles within and outside his cabinet. The Eggon massacre, the ambush of some Mali-bound soldiers at Okene and numerous other spurious criminal activities have gone a long way to confirm this seemingly absurd claim. All these worrying turns of events have one thing in common- ‘A Judas Factor’.

Sometime ago, the president made a startling revelation that his cabinet has been astonishingly infiltrated by moles working against the general good of the nation. Many attacked him for showing weakness through such a declaration forgetting that even Christ himself knew that Judas was going to betray him and still did/could do nothing to divert it. These moles are so powerful, so influential and so highly placed that even when discovered, very little or nothing can be done to remove the threat they pose without severe repercussions. In the last administration, the incessant strike actions by NLC was attributed to some elements so elevated that they could get hold of top decisions and secrets of the then government and pass such to the leaders of NLC. The most probable reason for this treacherous act was to create a distraction thus affording them the chance to steal and divert the funds of the ministries or whatever agencies or organizations they were heading without reprisal.

In more recent times, on January 19 this year to be precise, about 190 Mali-bound soldiers were ambushed a few kilometers from Okene in Kogi state. This heinous attack took place at about 6:05 am Nigerian time. A number of insurgents cut through a convoy conveying these soldiers and started spraying it with bullets and IEDs. Eventually, these soldiers were able to repel these hoodlums but not before they had lost two of their comrades. A logically thinking Nigerian should have already begun to draw parallels and must have deciphered now that these kinds of attacks cannot be orchestrated without inside help. This was confirmed by the chief of army staff, Lt-Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika on May 22 when he asserted that a soldier conspired with the insurgents to facilitate the attack by supplying them with information about the soldiers’ movement route.  He went on to say that the saboteur soldier had been apprehended and that people could calm down. However, this indubitably was and remains a perturbing development and one which must be investigated with alacrity.

Ultimately, the apex of the sabotage was reached when some 96 security personnel, including 10 intelligence officers were brutally massacred by the dreaded Ombatse cultists in Eggon, Nasarawa state. As despicable as it was and still is, the deplorable discovery that these officers fell as a result of help offered by one of their colleagues who appallingly divulged information about their mission to arrest the leader of the cult to the cultists is even more nerve-wracking. I cannot begin to imagine what these fallen officers faced in that thick forest without any means of calling for backup all because of one of the many ‘Judases’ that seem to have overrun my beloved  country.

I cannot help but ask- ‘is Nigeria heading to doom with this scandalous ubiquity of moles scattered across the nation?’ How can we expunge these snakes who seem desperate to lead our country to ruin? I plead with every tom, dick and harry out there; if you have any idea (effective or untested) as to the ideal way to eliminate these moles, please do not hesitate for a second to make your suggestions public. Help save our dear country before we get run over by the traitors!!

By Steve Arum . . . a concerned Nigerian

Follow him on Twitter @sirbohr


2 thoughts on “Judas-es! Everywhere!!

  1. Choi! Ajonne!! Like seriously, dis JUDAS stuff needs to be taken into serious consideration. I’m with u on dis one BOHR…

  2. …Bro to me it is even more serious than corruption. Corruption is just a little subset of betrayal and sabotage.

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