Blast from the Past

The rain was about to start pouring, I could hear thunder rumbling somewhere in the sky, strong winds already huffing and puffing in a desperate effort to rip out the already loose roofing sheets of my house. There I was, chillaxing on my sofa, wondering if it was possible for this Saturday afternoon to get any more boring, almost immediately, as if in response to my thoughts, I heard a tone from my phone, “clum, cluum”, … Every Nigerian mobile phone user’s nightmare… the sound of your phone switching itself off… NEPAAA!

No phone! No electricity! Trapped in my house because of this blasted rain! ….Catastrophic Trilogy!

What would I do now? Then it hit me… Books! My trusted old books! I made a bee-line to my chest of awesome novels and immediately started hunting for the right one. While searching, I stumbled upon my collection of old Nigerian songs.

Later that evening, after the Power Holders finally restored power, I decided to play some of the old music videos just for the nostalgic high . . . I was treated to a rude shock. When we watch Nigerian music videos today, we see very crisp clear videos recorded by cameras that would make the human eye pull its hair out (if it had one) in jealousy. We also see amazing special effects, animations, cars I can only dream of (and have dreamt of), hot babes with bodies to die for, and creativity at its zenith. It wasn’t always like this… The disparity between these old videos and the present ones is shockingly enormous. I will now cite examples of these ancient crappy videos.

Tony Tetuila ft Plantashun boiz and Ruff, Rugged, and Raw – Omode Meta

This has to rank high up in anybody’s list of Nigeria’s worst videos ever! This video lacks everything a music video should have. There was absolutely no creativity, the picture quality was terrible, the full video was virtually shot in one room, and to crown it all, there was smoke everywhere I couldn’t see anything. This video is a disaster! The director of this video should be punished for subjecting people to such torture.

Tuface – Ole

Where do I start? What is the rationale behind those people just walking aimlessly around 2baba? How does that even relate to the song? If the song title had been ‘confused Nigerian Jaywalkers’, then maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t have been mentioned in his article.

The Remedies – Shakomo

This is one very funny video! What was the director thinking? Three agile artistes in a choreography so embarrassing that even my 6-year-old nephew laughed when he saw it. This video can accurately be described as a mish-mash of random clips collated with zero creativity. Watch out for the scene where the remedies decided to model some ‘cool shades’, Stevie Wonder would really enjoy that scene if he sees it. …oops!

In the midst of these videos, one particular video stuck out like a sore thumb, it was really impressive and I believe it revolutionized the art of video shooting in the Nigerian music industry, that video is none other than… yeah, you guessed it… P-Square – Get Squared!

Watching Nigerian music videos of today and comparing them with these older videos, it’s amazing to see how far along the industry has come. With this in mind, I guess it’s safe to say, WE’RE HEADED STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!!!

By Chike ‘Loposki’ Ayogu… an Art Enthusiast

He’s on BBM, here’s his PIN : 29321860


One thought on “Blast from the Past

  1. Yes videos in d past can be very funny and annoyin at d same time bt tank God 4 dis new age…………..

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